Bible Study Tips series ~ Day Five ~ S.O.A.P. & Psalms

This is the final post in this short series on Bible Study tips. I pray these tips have been practical and helpful…maybe even life changing. Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest difference in our lives. Oftentimes, when I am listening to good teaching or good advice, reading Scripture or listening to a sermon, I want to know “what does this look like in my daily life?”. In other words, how do I actually apply this; how do I make it happen? I pray this series has done just that.

In the post, My Bible, My Workbook, I forgot to share one more thing. We had previously mentioned one way to read through the book of Proverbs and the Psalms each month. I mark my Bible throughout the Psalms so I know what chapters to read on each particular day of the month. For example, above or next to Psalm 1, write Day 1; next to Psalm 6, write Day 2; at Psalm 11, write Day 3…and so on. Count five Psalms for each day of the month and then mark the day next to that Psalm. Now you can flip right to the day’s reading whether you choose to read all five each day or one or two. I like to sometimes one month read the first of the five Psalms for each day then the next time through, read the second Psalm for that day of the month, etc. I learned about reading through Psalms and Proverbs monthly from my Grandma Lindsey and I like the way it works for me.

Just a sidenote: You will notice that Psalm 119 has 176 verses! That is alot of reading! It is divided into 22 stanzas of 8 verses each so I usually will choose so many stanzas to read for that month or read whatever I can. It is such a fantastic teaching and encouraging Psalm you don’t want to miss reading it through whether bit by bit or all at once!

Lastly, this morning I want to show you the S.O.A.P. Bible study method I use and learned from Courtney at and The acronym is as follows:

S– Write out the Scripture passage for the day.

O– Write down 1-2 observations from the passage.

A– Write down 1-2 applications from the passage.

PPray over what you have learned from today’s passage.

You may use notebook paper, or any paper you choose. With each Book Club (we study a book of the Bible) at Courtney and Angela provide free Bible Study Sheets to download and print. It is so helpful!

I love that it is that simple! Yet, it is SO effective! I hope you try it!

Have a wonderful day

Walking with Jesus…all the way!

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Don’t Gulp Your Food

Good Morning…once again!

I’m praying for you all today…all of us. I pray I let the Lord LIVE. REALLY LIVE IN ME! Studying in *I John these past weeks is continually reminding me to abide in Christ, and He in me; abide in His Word; watch out for antichrists and liars; do good; do right; love your brother! John repeats this message again and again. It’s so good to get into the Bible every day. Chew on just one, two, or three verses and you’ll be filled! “Meditate” is a more sophisticated term, I know, but “chew” really gives me the visualization I need. It’s good to fully chew it, don’t gulp your food…that goes without saying. I want to take my time chewing on my Bible breakfast, let it go down slow so it sticks with me.

*Click on the button below (note: There seems to be a problem with that button’s visibility although I believe it is still accessible.) or please click on the Women Living Well button on the right sidebar to learn more about the Good Morning Girls book club, where you can take part in studying First John! Even though most are well into it, go ahead and print your S.O.A.P. study sheets and begin on your own. Then, also, look forward to the next study to follow this one. Can’t wait to find out what book we’ll be in next!

Here is the link:

Have a wonderFULL day!
Walking with Jesus,

Bible Study Tips ~ Day Three ~ My Bible, My Workbook


Good Morning!

Welcome to day three of our Bible Study Tips series. Today I want to encourage you to make God’s Word your life’s workbook. There is no more excellent workbook for wisdom, guidance, comfort and so much more! I have some simple tips that can be a big help as you delve into the Bible.

I like to place the small removable sticky notes in my Bible to mark specific places I refer to often. I have used the basic colored paper types, but it doesn’t take long before they get smashed and don’t look very nice. So now I use removable, reusable sticky tabs as shown on my Bible in the photo above. You may be thinking, “what in the world do you need all those tabs for”? I’ll explain how I use the tabs and then you obviously you will want to adapt it to your personal needs.

I am a homeschool teaching mom so the first yellow tab is where we are currently reading in our school time.

The first blue tab is for the Psalms. I like to read one or more Psalms a day. Since there are 150 of them, you could read 5 each day and read through all of Psalms every month. Its been a quite awhile since I’ve read all of Psalms through in a month, but I love to read at least one a day. The next one is yellow again and it is marked Proverbs. There are 31 Proverbs, one for every day of the month. My grandmother taught me this method of reading through the Psalms and Proverbs monthly. I think at 85 years young she still does this every morning!

The next tab I have is for Isaiah. I just wanted to read through this wonderful book, because I never have. The next tab you see is blue again and it says, “Youth Group”. Jeff and I are teen leaders and right now our Youth Pastor is teaching in the book of John. Since it is marked, on Sunday nights I can quickly find my place and be ready to go.

Next, I have a yellow tab that reads, “Romans Road”. I can flip right to the first verse in the Romans Road when sharing the Gospel with someone. Then I have James marked because that is what we are studying in Sunday School at the time of this writing.

Then, the last red tab is marked, First John. This is for my *Good Morning Girls I John Bible study in my Quiet Time.

*You may have noticed the worksheets in my Bible Study Notebook. This came from which is the sister site of
The Good Morning Girls do a 12 week Bible study on a particular book of the Bible. We are currently halfway through I John. You may join an online study group or do the study independently. I am doing this one independently. Courtney and Angela also offer free downloads of the Bible study sheets (using the S.O.A.P. Method) for the book we are studying. Check out the Good Morning Girls blog to learn more! I love it! I have really been blessed by the Bible study.




Walking with Jesus,

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Bible Study Tips ~ Day Two ~ Bible Study Notebook

Good Morning and Welcome back!

Yesterday we talked about establishing a habit of a daily Quiet Time, Devotions, or Bible Study time. Remember, I am sharing tips that work for me. You may take something you’ve seen here and discover something that works wonderful for you or personalize it to better suit you. God will bless your efforts as you set out to begin the habit of dedicated time with Him or seek to enrich your current Quiet Times.

A few years back I started a Bible Study Notebook. Its just a three-ring binger with some tabbed dividers with pockets. This has been a great thing for me, because I can keep everything in one portable place: Quiet Time notes, Bible Study worksheets, Sunday School lessons, Memory Trigger sheets, lined index cards for writing out Scripture, articles or printed out Bible studies that I want to read/study again or save for later, and notecards and stamps handy for sending out encouragement. It’s wonderful to have all of this in one binder! I keep it by my bed with my Bible, easy to reach for each morning. I can take it to church to teach from. And I can use it to review or work on the passage I’m memorizing.






Let me explain more about my Memory Trigger Sheet…{that’s kind of hard to say, :)}
When I began using this method of memorizing passages several years ago it dramatically increased my success at memorizing entire chapters and long passages of the Bible. It was very exciting to find something that actually worked for me!!! 🙂 Maybe it will work well for you, too. It is simple. I take a sheet of notebook paper and as you can see in the photo, I title the top of the page, for example: “James 1 Memory Trigger Sheet”. Next, I number down the left side of the paper along the margin. James chapter one has 27 verses, so I numbered my paper 1 to 27. Then next to each verse number, I write down the first one to three (or four, max) words in the verse. As I review the verses, moving through the chapter, these words help trigger my memory of the entire verse. Eventually I don’t need the triggers any longer as I have the passage memorized entirely.

Currently, my goal is to learn all the book of James. I’ve memorized chapter one using this method and now I’m moving on to chapter two. Every day when I work on the current chapter I must also recite the previous chapter(s) to keep it fresh in my mind. I’m so excited to one day have the entire book hidden in my heart! I do not set time limits for myself because I find it very discouraging and I can’t seem to take the pressure. Take your time and just enjoy setting your heart and mind on God’s Word.

Proverbs 2:4-6 If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures; Then shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God. For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of His mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.

Psalm 19:7-11
Have a fabulous day!
Walking with Jesus all the way,

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Bible Study Tips ~ Day One ~ Habits

Good Morning!

This is the first post in a series of tips and encouragements that have been a blessing to me in studying my Bible and having a daily Quiet Time (Devotions).

Read Your Bible

When your Quiet Time takes place is up to you. Consider your family’s daily routine and schedule. It will also vary depending on what season of life you are in. For sure, whenever I was the mother of babies, awake throughout the night, my Quiet Time was not the same as it is now. In a world full of people to love, work to do and distractions to avoid, time to be quiet with the Lord is challenging. But it is possible. Try this! For one week observe your routine and ask the Lord to show you portions of your day when you could have special time with Him. It might be one large period of time or smaller periods throughout the day.

Here is an example that might help you get started. Start the first 15 minutes or half hour of your day, depending upon how early you get up, by praying and reading a passage; take a few minutes at lunch to review your morning verses (maybe have them written on an index card or on your cell phone); then before you go to sleep thank Him for the day He has made and review your verses again.


We need focused, concentrated time to be still and take all our praises and personal cares to the Lord each day. Some like to keep a journal of their prayers or a notebook where they keep a prayer list. You could keep your church prayer bulletin handy each day for prayer times or use a basket or box of notecards with needs and names on them. One year I was wondering what to do with all the photo Christmas cards we receive every season. So I decided to fill up a pretty tin with pictures of our family, friends, and missionary prayer cards so we can pull out several each night to pray for. We keep it on the coffee table. For those we don’t have a picture of I wrote their names on a 3×5 card and put it in the box. Don’t forget your Pastors and their families, your church family, your child’s (or grandchildren’s) school and all the people who influence them each day, your civic leaders, those in authority and civil servants, our military and their families, missionaries and ministries all over the world.

We should also remember that our prayer closet can be anywhere. Make it a habit to speak to Him as your head hits the pillow each night and again before your feet hit the floor the next morning. Talk with Him in the shower, making the bed, sorting, switching and folding the laundry, at the kitchen sink or while stirring at the stove, driving the car, in the grocery store, anywhere and everywhere. When we had babies in the house, I remember talking with Him while making bottles, rocking, feeding and diapering, etc, especially in the middle of the quiet nights. Those actually were some of the most precious, close times with Him! It’s wonderful that He is always awake!

Memorize Scripture

Another thing that has has had a huge impact on my life is memorizing Scripture. I found that the actual process of learning the Passage or verse is the part that has the biggest impact, because that is when I am meditating on it the most. When I read that verse or passage over and over again, rehearse it again and again in my mind, prepare a Memory Trigger Sheet (for memorizing whole chapters), speak it out loud, write it out on index cards, tape it on the mirror, the kitchen window, on the passageways throughout the house, on the dashboard of our car Scott10 van, (stoplights are great opportunities to rehearse verses) and then reach those little Woo-Hoo break-throughs when I finally get a phrase down and I can finally begin tying it all together, through this entire process the Word of God is changing me and lifting me up out of my temporal concerns. Memorizing Bible verses and passages keeps your mind filled with good things! (Philippins 4:8)

An amazing thing takes place when we are meditating on The Word of God, the earthly and the Eternal begin to intertwine, and seem to blend together. Even the menial earthly tasks transform into worship, or even an altar. When we hide God’s Word in our hearts It is there for us even when we think we’ve forgotten It. It is tucked away and often God will bring it to our minds in the future at just the perfect time!

In closing today, I urge you to determine to make some time to be with the Lord a huge priority in your daily life. It is a habit to be formed, a discipline, for sure. Yet, I promise, you can trust that God will bless the time you give to be with Him. Please don’t let yourself get discouraged when you miss a day, a week, or even a month. Discouragement is like a sinking ship. Before you know it you’ll hit rock bottom. So just look to the Lord and get back at it right away! Don’t count on your feelings. They will almost always lead you down the wrong path. Just do right and trust God for the rest.

More Bible study and Quiet Time tips yet to come. If you do not want miss any of these posts, you can sign up on the sidebar at “follow blog via email”.

Walking with Jesus,


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Sometimes I really wish I could stop taking life so seriously. Do you know what I mean? Are you ever there? Where everything is urgent. All day long pushing and shoving yourself and everyone else in your family through the day. Keeping the schedule. Staying on track. Thinking ahead. Doing. Doing. It’s as if it’s up to me to keep the world spinning. Let’s go. Move along. Chop-chop-chop.

I find I live most of the day this way. I’m forever asking the Lord to please help me relax. Breathe slower. Smile. Laugh. Enjoy my children. Live in the moment. Bask in the blessings He has poured out on me and the beauty of all He has created and finished!

Did I stop and look at my girls straight into their eyes, delightfully, face to face countless times throughout the day? Or at all? I’m quite deliberate and diligent in training and grabbing those teachable moments, the many opportunities they give me to walk through life lessons with them. Sure, we are certainly face to face in those times. But, can I even count on one hand today the times I smiled into their vulnerable eyes, or laughed with them when something goofy happened? Do I even remember how to act silly or crazy, like them?

The Lord is so good. I know He is helping me. Answering my prayer. I can see it. I can feel it. I have more progress to make. Each day I certainly find myself caught up again in the snare of my making. But more often I am catching myself moving along at a more relaxed pace. Smiling. Humming. Singing. A funny thought will pop into my head and I actually spill it and get the kids looking at me like I’m weird or laughing along with me. I stop and rub their shoulders more often. Scratch their back. Kiss their cheek. Give more hugs. Or just sigh. Linger in more moments. Look around and just watch them all at whatever they are doing. Just because it’s ok to.

I so want to change. I so want to be free to live. Really really live! I don’t want to miss it! I don’t want to live life with my eyes closed. That’s kind of what it feels like when I’m in that mode. Contra-wise, my children are just simply living. Being. Whether they are doing their school lessons, reading, playing, even doing their chores, I notice they are content to just be. They feel free to giggle, they smile nearly all the time. For goodness sake, most of the time, not even my scrunched brow or barking voice can deter them. I get that they are kids and naturally it’s not their job to concern themselves with big people matters. But, you know what? It’s not mine either. It’s God’s.

Isaiah 40:28, 29 & 31 reminds me, “Hast thou not known? Hast thou not heard, that the everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? There is no searching of His understanding. He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might He increaseth strength. But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. And Isaiah 40:6 says, “I the Lord have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee..” (emphasis mine)

It’s not all about me. It’s all about HIM. I believe the Lord wants me to rest and remember to only worship Him, enjoy His presence in me and let Him live through me. He’s got the whole world in His hands.

Growing in Grace,