Don’t Gulp Your Food

Good Morning…once again!

I’m praying for you all today…all of us. I pray I let the Lord LIVE. REALLY LIVE IN ME! Studying in *I John these past weeks is continually reminding me to abide in Christ, and He in me; abide in His Word; watch out for antichrists and liars; do good; do right; love your brother! John repeats this message again and again. It’s so good to get into the Bible every day. Chew on just one, two, or three verses and you’ll be filled! “Meditate” is a more sophisticated term, I know, but “chew” really gives me the visualization I need. It’s good to fully chew it, don’t gulp your food…that goes without saying. I want to take my time chewing on my Bible breakfast, let it go down slow so it sticks with me.

*Click on the button below (note: There seems to be a problem with that button’s visibility although I believe it is still accessible.) or please click on the Women Living Well button on the right sidebar to learn more about the Good Morning Girls book club, where you can take part in studying First John! Even though most are well into it, go ahead and print your S.O.A.P. study sheets and begin on your own. Then, also, look forward to the next study to follow this one. Can’t wait to find out what book we’ll be in next!

Here is the link:

Have a wonderFULL day!
Walking with Jesus,

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