Bible Study Tips ~ Day Four ~ Pray


Psalm 116:1 I love the LORD, because…

In the rest of this Psalm, David tells the reasons why he loves the Lord. He shares what the Lord means to him. When we pray it is good to always begin by saying, “I love You, Lord, because…”.
We teach our girls when they pray to not say anything else to the Lord before they thank Him for something first. It is a good habit to get into. When this is our habit, even in the anguishing times when we run desperately to Him, He gives peace that is beyond understanding and we are able to praise Him in everything. It’s His mysterious way. He’s so good!

Many of you may have heard of the ACTS method of praying. This is similar to the practice described above. A is for Adore Him (adoration); C is for Confess your sin to Him (confession); T is for Thank Him (thanksgiving); and S is for Supplicate: to ask humbly and earnestly of (supplication).

What happens when you begin telling someone how much you love them and all the wonderful reasons why you love them? Of course, that person sees how very special and important they are to you and feels wonderfully appreciated. That’s usually the whole point, right? But, besides this, what happens in you? As you are speaking these blessings to them you are filling up with joy, peace, and gratitude. Selflessness and humility take the place of self-centeredness and pride! What a blessing! Now think about our Heavenly Father! Approaching Him this same way is an enormous key to a life-changing prayer life!

I love You, Holy Father, because…

I’m sorry, Lord. Oh, please forgive my sin of…

Thank You, Jesus, for…

Please, Father, bless…; please, help…

In Jesus’ precious name, I pray. Amen.

Walking with Jesus,


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