Good Morning Girls!


The new Good Morning Girls study of Ephesians begins Monday, January 16! To join us, go to GMG and print the free S.O.A.P. Bible study worksheets. Some women have them spiral bound. Some put them in a folder or binder. I put them in my three ring binder, I call my Bible Study Notebook. Also, while you are at Good Morning Girls be sure to subscribe to the blog so you will receive the weekly posts that go along with the Bible study!

Each day follow along with the verse by verse study. On Wednesdays here at Bones in My Heart we will share something from our Quiet Times in Ephesians and invite you all to share in the comments section, as well!

At the end of this post there is further explanation of the S.O.A.P. Bible study method by Angela, the co-founder of Good Morning Girls. If you’ve not done the S.O.A.P. method of study, you will discover while it is so simple, it will have a lasting impact! In this study we will walk slowly, steadily through the book of the Bible. This allows us to meditate on what we have read. The Word is securely planted into the fertile soil of our hearts, takes root, grows and remains. And that’s what we want, right?!

I am so excited to take on this study with you! Do you know that more than 2,500 women in all 50 states and more than 20 countries around the world all are going to begin studying Ephesians next week?!!! I think that is SO incredible!

I am praying for us all as we prepare for our Bible study! Thank you for joining us! Please, invite your friends to join in, too! You could even invite a group of women in your area to meet once a week or once a month to share what you are learning, pray and encourage each other! You will be blessed, I just know it!

Walking with Jesus,


Angela, from GMG explaining the S.O.A.P. study method:

Here I explain in greater detail what each section stands for, remember these are just guidelines to help you.

S- stands for “Scripture” you are to write out the verses in your own handwriting. By the end of our James study, you will have written out the WHOLE book of James! Also writing out the scripture helps you to understand it better and take a closer, slower look at the verses.

O- stands for “Observations“, what do you notice in this passage? You may want to summarize the verses in your own words, but most importantly write down what you hear God saying to you in these verses. What new observations or insights have you learned?

A- stands for “Application“, how can you apply what you just read to your life? Make it personal. Is there something that you need to change? Someone you need to forgive?

P- stands for “Prayer“, pray over what God has shown you today through His Word. Ask Him to help you live it out.

Thanks for making the time to be in God’s Word a priority in your life!

Learning to LOVE GOD GREATLY right along with you!!!


*Also, at Women Living Well, along the right sidebar, Courtney has a video explaining how she uses the S.O.A.P. method. When you arrive at her blog look to the right and keep scrolling down the page until you see a series of videos in the right sidebar. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Good Morning Girls!

  1. Melissa, when I follow the link it takes me to a page about the German. I cannot find where to get the English. Also do we just subscribe to the site or is there a separate spot for Ephesians? Help! I want to invite some girls from church but need to figure it out first.

    1. Hi Suzanne, If you either scroll down the page on GMG there should be another post with the link you need. You do not have to sign up at GMG. I did that for the blog as a group. Unless you want to link up with them on your own to get your blog readers involved.
      I hope this helps. I think I will also go over to facebook and provide a link there, too, on my blog page. Thank you! ~Melissa

      1. Hi again, Suzanne! I went onto my blog to do a “click-test” and I see what you mean. When you click on Good Morning Girls it leads to their most recent post which is the German download. The very next link on my post, GMG, is the one that actually links to the download you are looking for. I went in and changed the first link, though, as you may not be the only one that runs into that. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention! ~Melissa

  2. Oh, also…when you become a subscriber to the GMG site the benefit is that you receive the weekly posts for the study we are all doing and it is encouraging. But, it is not a requirement. The thing is, there aren’t any requirements! You participate on the level and time of day, etc, that you choose. Before this blog I have only participated on my own completely and I gained such a blessing in studying. Again…hope this helps! Lol! ~Melissa

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