Magnify the Lord With Me!


When we use a magnifying glass to view an object it becomes easier to see. The object appears large to us so we may see it better, more vividly, in detail…bringing it into clear view, or near.

That’s how I want to live for The Lord! I want my life to magnify GOD! You and I can be women who live lives like that, you know. Our life, our choices, our countenance, our manner, our speech, our behavious, our habits can all make The LORD appear larger to everyone who sees us! We can magnify Him with our life; bring Him into clear view, plain sight!

Psalm 30 says, I will extol Thee, O LORD. I love the definition and synonyms I found for extol!

Praise highly!


Now look with me at “glorify“…

To bestow honor, praise, admiration!
Elevate to celestial glory!
Light up brilliantly!
Represent as glorious!

I want to share how a couple of these definitions have encouraged me. This one, light up brilliantly, especially inspires me! Wow! Do my habits, does my character, brilliantly light up The LORD!?! How about my attitude in every situation? Does it brilliantly bring light to Jesus?

Next, does my life accurately represent our glorious God? He is holy. He is good. He is wise. He is kind. He is merciful and faithful. Ouch! Help me, Lord, truthfully represent You!

Oh what a great proclamation in verse 12 as Psalm 30 closes…

To the end that my glory (translated, my soul) may sing praise to Thee,

And not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto Thee for ever!

Growing in grace,


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