Once ~ Christ Bore the Sins of Many

Aren’t you over~joyed that Christ freely sacrificed His own precious blood to bear the sins of many?! And because His sacrificial offering was a once in a lifetime occurence that lasts through all eternity our sins are fully atoned.

Nothing else is needed to cleanse sin. Nothing else could ever do what His spotless, blemishless blood has already done. No other work can finish what Christ has already finished Himself. We can trust fully in the complete work of Jesus Christ to cleanse us from all sin for all time. Jesus’ blood was and is and forever will be enough. Christ the Saviour’s one time sacrifice was and is complete, so complete that His shed Blood has enough power to cleanse all sin for all time.

Scipture says Christ was offered once to bear the sins of many. His one sacrifice of Himself was sufficient to put away sin. By His own blood He entered once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us. (from Hebrews 9)

Once we receive His free gift of salvation He will not need to offer His own blood again. Even though we have trusted in His blood to cleanse us we will sin in this life, in this body of flesh. God has provided for this. He knew it would happen so He made a plan. (I John 1:7-2:2) The blood of Christ would still forever be enough to wash away all sin.

When we sin, no matter how often, no matter how horribly or how lightly, Christ does not have to be crucified again…therefore once we have trusted in Jesus’ blood to save us we cannot let go of our own salvation, we cannot give it back, we are unable to give it up, set it aside nor does God remove salvation from us when we have been bad.

If it were up to us to keep our own salvation, how much sin or what particular sin has enough power over the spotless, precious blood of Jesus Christ, the Son of God? I did not save myself and I cannot keep myself. That would be self-reliance. And that is pride.

Praise God! Nothing I have done or ever do could save me! Nothing I do keeps me! Praise Jesus, I don’t possess any power, apart from the Spirit of God Himself living in me, to walk in the Spirit, or to stay away from sin! Anything right and good in me is ALL HIM! May I never, EVER boast in ANYthing but the blood of Jesus Christ alone! HIS power and HIS grace is enough! Our only part is to say, “Yes!”.

Read Hebrews chapter 9. Read the books of John, Romans, and Ephesians! Learn the plain, simple, Glorious Truth of what Jesus did, what HE finished for you and me, for whosoever will! God’s Word manifests to us Who He is, but not only Who He is , but we also learn through His Word who we are…past, present, and future! Look into The Holy Scriptures to see God, to see His Son, His Holy Spirit, to see others and to see yourself. The Holy Bible is the only place to find and see Truth.

Thank You, Jesus, for the rest and assurance that your salvation gives to me. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit alive in me…Who never leaves me helpless or powerless; Who never leaves me to myself; Who never allows me to sin, even a speck, without repercussion; Who inspires me to love; Who empowers me to do good; Who stirs up in me deep gratitude for the precious grace I have received! His grace alone is enough to inspire me to pursue godly living, just because I love HIM. I love Him. I trust in Him fully, securely…HE is all I need.

Is He all you need? Do you fully rely on Jesus? Have you placed all your faith in the one time blood sacrifice of The Saviour, Jesus Christ? Do you know that you are saved by His grace? Do you know that Jesus is enough?

Growing in grace, Melissa

*For digging deeper I recommend reading…

Hebrews (chapter 9 sparked this post)


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C.H. Spurgeon ~ A Message in Hebrews


I just had to pass on to you the link for Charles Spurgeon’s message on the first few verses of Hebrews chapter 1. I hope you will read it. He does a marvelous job breaking down the first few verses describing Who Jesus is, what Jesus did and what Jesus enjoys now. Reading commentaries and messages on Hebrews can be helpful resources and study aids as we keep notes and journals in our Bible study notebook.


Growing in grace,

Bible Study Tips ~ Day Two ~ Bible Study Notebook

Good Morning and Welcome back!

Yesterday we talked about establishing a habit of a daily Quiet Time, Devotions, or Bible Study time. Remember, I am sharing tips that work for me. You may take something you’ve seen here and discover something that works wonderful for you or personalize it to better suit you. God will bless your efforts as you set out to begin the habit of dedicated time with Him or seek to enrich your current Quiet Times.

A few years back I started a Bible Study Notebook. Its just a three-ring binger with some tabbed dividers with pockets. This has been a great thing for me, because I can keep everything in one portable place: Quiet Time notes, Bible Study worksheets, Sunday School lessons, Memory Trigger sheets, lined index cards for writing out Scripture, articles or printed out Bible studies that I want to read/study again or save for later, and notecards and stamps handy for sending out encouragement. It’s wonderful to have all of this in one binder! I keep it by my bed with my Bible, easy to reach for each morning. I can take it to church to teach from. And I can use it to review or work on the passage I’m memorizing.






Let me explain more about my Memory Trigger Sheet…{that’s kind of hard to say, :)}
When I began using this method of memorizing passages several years ago it dramatically increased my success at memorizing entire chapters and long passages of the Bible. It was very exciting to find something that actually worked for me!!! 🙂 Maybe it will work well for you, too. It is simple. I take a sheet of notebook paper and as you can see in the photo, I title the top of the page, for example: “James 1 Memory Trigger Sheet”. Next, I number down the left side of the paper along the margin. James chapter one has 27 verses, so I numbered my paper 1 to 27. Then next to each verse number, I write down the first one to three (or four, max) words in the verse. As I review the verses, moving through the chapter, these words help trigger my memory of the entire verse. Eventually I don’t need the triggers any longer as I have the passage memorized entirely.

Currently, my goal is to learn all the book of James. I’ve memorized chapter one using this method and now I’m moving on to chapter two. Every day when I work on the current chapter I must also recite the previous chapter(s) to keep it fresh in my mind. I’m so excited to one day have the entire book hidden in my heart! I do not set time limits for myself because I find it very discouraging and I can’t seem to take the pressure. Take your time and just enjoy setting your heart and mind on God’s Word.

Proverbs 2:4-6 If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures; Then shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord, and find the knowledge of God. For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of His mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.

Psalm 19:7-11
Have a fabulous day!
Walking with Jesus all the way,

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